Opportunity to turn 100-year-old house into a of your dreams

LONGMONT — The appeal of houses in the $2 million-plus price range in Boulder County continues to grow – doubling in sales from 2012 to 2013.  Add a big spread of land to the deal, and the appeal climbs, according to a local broker.

 “I think there’s a big demand to move out of the city,” said Bob Dalton with HomeSmart Realty Group.  “People want room around them with conveniences close by.”

Dalton currently wears two hats as representative for a property that’s listing for $3.5 million at 7723 Oxford Road in Longmont.

“It comes in handy to be both the owner and the broker,” he said.  “I have quite a bit of knowledge about it – I’m the one who cuts the lawn, takes care of the lake and harvests the grapes.”
In addition to 16-acres of land, the property includes what anyone who’s set out to build in Boulder County can appreciate – an approved site-plan review.  

The current 100-year old house that’s in place is 1,730 square feet.  What’s been approved is up to 7,400 square feet.

“A lot of people don’t realize that Boulder includes a garage in the square footage, and the plans we have includes one,” Dalton said.  “The drawing takes advantage of all the views but the buyer can modify them and build whatever they want without having to get new approvals.”

With utilities like septic, water, propane and electricity in place, building a new structure on the property will make the process easier, according to Dalton.

He said that about one-third of the 15 people who’ve looked at the place are horse people looking for a place to indulge. The property includes a heated barn and stable and zoning that allows four-plus horses.

“And with all the technology today, more and more people are working from home.  Having recreational activities right there helps them take advantage of the time between calls.”
From ice skating and fishing to hiking and urban gardening, this place could unfortunately, however, make it pretty hard to return to that phone.