Dr. John Bender’s vision continues at Miramont Family Medicine, which provides many services for patients in one location, at the lowest cost and highest quality possible. Jonathan Castner/For BizWest

Miramont expands reach of family medicine

Dr. John Bender recognized a need people in Colorado had for having access to more affordable and more convenient health care.

Running around town to get medical needs met can be an insurmountable obstacle for a working parent with young children. Likewise, being unable to pay the going price for needed care can keep someone who lives on minimum wage from getting the care they need.Merc100_2015noco

To reduce the challenges, Bender and his wife, Teresa, purchased a family medicine practice in 2002, and Miramont Family Medicine was born. Dr. Bender’s vision continues, providing as many services as possible for his patients in one convenient location, at the lowest cost, with the highest quality possible.

“We focus on making health care affordable, accessible and accountable,” said Bender. “We care deeply about our patients and their well-being and have an undying resolve to ensure access to the highest quality yet affordable health care.”

Today Miramont operates from two facilities in Fort Collins as well as in Loveland, Wellington, Parker and Glendale and serves more than 30,000 patients.

One reason Miramont is seeing so much growth is that it continues to focus on Bender’s vision.  In-house services include lab, x-ray and pharmacy. Specialty areas include acupuncture and wellness, family physical therapy, audiology, podiatry and family medicine.

In 2008 the health center received recognition for its patient-centered medical home model, and in 2010 it won a national award of excellence for outstanding achievement in the implementation and value from health information technology.

In 2011 The Colorado Academy of Family Physicians Foundation named Miramont the Patient Centered Medical Home of the Year.

In addition to treating people who need medical attention, Miramont focuses on ways to keep its patients out of that situation. To encourage patients to stay healthy, the center offers low-cost preventive screening and care for people who don’t have insurance through its Miramont Value Plan (MVP). Those services include cholesterol screening, smoking-cessation programs and diabetic screening.

Additional care through the MVP includes care for shingles, impetigo and rashes. Vaccines, x-rays and mammograms also are available at a reduced cost.

Miramont continues to reach more people through its branches and showed revenue figures for 2014 to be $8.19 million. That number tops $7,023,197 in 2013 and $4,804,885 in 2012.  One-year growth was 16.614 percent, and two-year growth was 70.452 percent over previous years.