Nonprofit – Larimer Humane Society, Crossroads Safehouse partner March 2020

The Larimer Humane Society and Crossroads Safehouse have formed the Safehouse Safekeep Program, through which victims of domestic violence seeking protection through Crossroads Safehouse can board their pets at the Larimer Humane Society for up to two weeks at no cost.

Lisa Poppaw, executive director of Crossroads Safehouse, said victims of domestic violence and intimate-partner abuse often will stay in abusive situations rather than leave their pets with their abusers. “With this partnership, we are offering victims an option to keep their pets safe while they plan for their future free of abuse,” she said.

Judy Calhoun, CEO of the Larimer Humane Society, added, “We recognize that humans are rarely the only victims when domestic violence is present. Through this new partnership, we are honored to serve as a resource for individuals so that the choice to escape an abuser never hinges on the fear of leaving a pet behind.”