NCBR inaugurates business coverage

Northern Colorado’s business community has a new voice.

The Northern Colorado Business Report, a monthly business newspaper serving Larimer and Weld counties, debuts with this edition.

“Larimer and Weld counties are two of the fastest-growing communities in the state,” editor and co-owner Christopher Wood said. “It’s a market that can be served well by a newspaper reporting on this growing and entrepreneurial business marketplace.”

Headquartered at 201 S. College Ave., Suite 300, in Fort Collins, the newspaper is published by The Northern Colorado Business Report Inc., a recently formed affiliate of The Boulder County Business Report.

Wood is former managing editor of The Denver Business Journal. Jeff Nuttall, former associate advertising manager at the Business Journal, is director of sales and marketing. Wood and Nuttall are partners in the venture, along with The Boulder County Business Report’s parent company, Boulder Business Information Inc.

The Northern Colorado Business Report is mailed to almost 10,000 business owners and key decision-makers throughout Larimer and Weld counties. Another 5,000 copies are distributed to sites throughout those counties.

The Northern Colorado Business Report and The Boulder County Business Report will work closely together, offering readers news of interest from each region.

The Northern Colorado Business Report provides in-depth coverage of major industries such as real estate, banking, health care, high technology, hospitality and tourism, retail, education and agribusiness. The newspaper also includes special reports and sections on business issues facing individual cities in the region.

“Like many other towns in Colorado, communities in Northern Colorado are grappling with growth issues,” Wood said. “We want to add perspective to that debate while presenting both sides.”

Additionally, the Business Report offers a wealth of economic data, from new-business listings to bankruptcies, foreclosures and disciplinary actions taken against individuals in regulated occupations.

“We’re going to try some innovative things,” Wood said. “We want this publication to be cutting-edge in every way. Smaller, niche publications such as this can uncover news and important workplace issues often missed by larger newspapers.”

Also working at the Business Report is Carol Wood, a veteran business journalist who has worked for The Denver Business Journal and The Boulder County Business Report. She will oversee The Northern Colorado Business Report’s lists of top businesses in certain industries. She will also copy edit and write for the paper.

Dana Coffield, who has worked for such publications as the Longmont Daily Times-Call, The Boulder County Business Report and the Front Range Vacation Guide, is a staff reporter focusing on real estate, banking and agribusiness.

Mark Bradley, lately of the American Management Association, sells advertising in Weld County and to accountants and attorneys in Larimer and Weld counties.

Joe Mivshek, formerly an associate advertising manager at The Denver Business Journal, sells advertising in the high-tech, hospitality, retail and education sectors.

Production and design of the paper will be handled by David Badders and Deanna Estes, both veteran graphic artists. Jo Ann Drago oversees the newspaper’s administrative, bookkeeping and circulation departments.