Greeley accountants merge

GREELEY – Dollarhide & Gapter LLC and Kosmicki Frick LLC, two of Greeley’s larger accounting firms, have merged.

Partner Michael Frick said the move will help the company provide expert advice on a wider range of tax, audit and accounting issues.

“You get a certain synergism out of a larger firm,” Frick said. “This is an opportunity for both partners and staff to specialize. Tax law and accounting are continuing to get more complex … Both firms are basically full-service, and obviously it’s getting more difficult to continue to try to do that.”

The Board of Accountancy approved the merger Sept. 27. The firm called the deal official Nov. 1.

The new firm, Kosmicki Dollarhide & Co. LLC, will complete the 1995 filing season in their existing offices, at 1122 Ninth St., No. 102, and 3690 W. 10th St., but Frick said the company expects to be in a new building by early summer of 1996. Whether the firm will lease or build its new quarters remains unclear.

Certified public accountants Frick, Nicholas Kosmicki, Marcia Siebring, Susan Gapter and John Dollarhide are partners in the new company. The firm will employ about 20 people. Kosmicki will be the firm’s administrator.

The merger unites two of Greeley’s oldest accounting firms. Dollarhide & Gapter was founded in 1949 by Robert R. Anderson and since then has gone through about as many evolutions as the federal tax code. Kosmicki Frick, too, is an offshoot of an older Greeley firm. Kosmicki and Frick have worked together since the mid 1970s.