Editorial: Loss of Symbios headquarters a blow to Fort Collins prestige

Credit Symbios Logic Inc. Ð now simply Symbios Inc. — for following through on its commitment to the city of Fort Collins to build a large new facility locally. The 115,000-square-foot center will at least ensure a sizable presence by the Hyundai Electronics America subsidiary in Fort Collins for years to come.
We can even understand the wisdom of Symbios˜ decision earlier this year to transfer its manufacturing jobs to a newer facility in Colorado Springs, where the company also has a sizable presence.
Less understandable, however, is Symbios˜ decision to move its headquarters out of Fort Collins to the Denver metropolitan area. Symbios CEO Charles Christ cited proximity to Denver International Airport, equidistance between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs and the Denver area˜s burgeoning high-tech community.
At least two of those reasons seem dubious at best. Yes, a Denver-area location will be more convenient for Symbios officials traveling between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.
But traveling to DIA from Fort Collins doesn˜t take that much longer than it does from parts of the six-county metro area, and it˜s even quicker than from some metro cities. Additionally, completion of the northern leg of the E-470 highway will reduce drive time from Fort Collins. And companies with corporate jets flying out of Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport, for example, can get to DIA even quicker.
In citing the Denver-Boulder-Longmont corridor as the focal point for the region˜s high-tech development, Symbios officials seemed to miss much of the high-tech revolution that˜s occurred from Longmont north.
Loss of Symbios˜ HQ is a blow to Fort Collins, no matter how many square feet are built locally for engineering, R&D or assembly operations. Companies that are headquartered in a community contribute much, from datelines on company press releases to a greater connection with community issues, to greater contributions to local charities.
We welcome Symbios˜ facility, but we lament the loss of its HQ.