Tri-Town identity crisis: Suburbs?

Ahhh, Frederick, Firestone and Dacono. A lot comes to The Eye’s mind when thinking of these neighboring communities in southwest Weld County: Fast-growing. Spectacular mountain views. Communities steeped in tradition. Suburbs of Boulder …

Suburbs of what?

That’s where an episode of HGTV’s “House Hunters,” which aired Oct. 12, placed the Tri-Towns. The episode tracked a “Boulder couple’s” search for a home in the area, also known as the Carbon Valley, before they finally settled on a newer home in need of some landscaping.

The couple, newlyweds Katy and Steve Harrington, actually weren’t from Boulder at all, but were moving from an 850-square-foot apartment in nearby Superior. At least it’s in Boulder County.

The HGTV Web site had this to say: “While their place is nice, it’s way too small. They can’t wait to find a place where they can spread out. Their budget constraints mean that they might have to search a bit further away and focus on the tri-city area of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono, located north of Boulder. They have enlisted the help of realtor Dawn Geerson-Matesi to help with their hunt.”

The episode itself, however, included narrative description of the Tri-Towns as “suburbs of Boulder.”

Geerson-Matesi says the show’s producers were looking for that Boulder cachet.

“No, it’s not considered a suburb,” she said in an e-mail exchange with The Eye. “But try telling a producer from Hollywood that. They really wanted a client in Boulder, and I just didn’t have any! A lot of people go that direction that want to be near Boulder but can’t afford it.”

No confirmation on reports that House Hunters’ next episode will feature Fort Morgan, a suburb of Fort Collins.


Casting call: EIEIO

Some of the press releases that the Eye scans just can’t be real, can they? Is a television producer actually pondering a Northern Colorado casting call for something called “The Farmer Wants a Wife”?

Yes. The Santa Monica, Calif., producers of “American Idol,” the runaway hit TV show that just concluded its fifth and highest-rated season, has a plan to work the same sort of magic with a new “reality” offering.

This one, according to the press release, “matches a spirited farmer, who doesn’t have much time to meet women, with a handful of available ladies from all walks of life who dream of living a traditional, small-town lifestyle.”

A letter from Rebecca Greenberg, casting associate for the production company, to the Business Report’s managing editor says, “We are searching for the ultimate catch – a farmer!!! He must be SINGLE, around 25-35, and live/work on a farm.”

Greenberg added this P.S.: “Please note, although the show is tentatively titled ‘The FARMER Wants a Wife,’ we are not excluding RANCHERS from the casting call.”

Casting agents will be in Colorado during November auditioning interested practitioners of the agricultural sciences, who may also e-mail for more information



This team, affectionately known as the NCBR News Flashers, took home the coveted plasma brain for posting the highest score at the Discovery Science Center’s recent Brainiac Bowl. The annual event raised about $32,000 for the center, which provides hands-on learning experiences for youngsters. The Flashers, heavily populated from the editorial and research departments, will be back to defend their title next year. And yes, the guy with the nuclear-powered colander on his head is emcee and famous tornado-dancing weatherguy Mike Nelson.