Ruff! Ruff! Flyball fest coming to The Ranch

This item on the events calendar for The Ranch, aka the Larimer County fairgrounds complex, caught the Eye: The “Ruff Flyball Tournament” will overtake the West Livestock Pavilion Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 24 and 25 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Publicist Kyle Riddell explains the competition thusly: “… a race between two teams of four dogs, which they the dogs jump hurdles down to a box, trigger the box, releasing the ball, catch the ball and carry it back over the hurdles.”

An informal survey of the Business Report editorial staff reveals hundreds if not thousands of our readers must be familiar with flyball. They are the people who watch Animal Planet.

But the Eye had to bone up on Google. The search led to, the Web site for a Fort Collins club that features flyball athletes and their owners. It seems that border collies and Australian shepherds rule the sport. Basset hounds need not apply.

But then there’s Stella, a “lab-pointer-greyhound-border collie-great Dane” mix, whose “favorite activity or trick” is “playing ball at the lake, in the living room, in the yard, in bed, at the river, in the office, in the mountains, during a movie…”