You dream it, Savant Homes can build it

FORT COLLINS – The folks at Savant Homes are in the business of making dreams come true.

For founders and owners Alan and Kim Strope, helping clients realize their dream home is what they do every day – and they’ve been doing it since 1998. Sometimes the dream is small: a new deck, a remodel or an addition. Sometimes the dream takes on epic proportions. Savant Homes has designed and built million-dollar custom homes.

If you can dream it, they can build it.

The northern Colorado natives take pride in their local roots. Alan and Kim are graduates of Colorado State University, with respective degrees in construction management and interior design.

“Our motto is ‘Experience the local difference,’ ” said Alan Strope. “We put a lot of effort into allowing our customers to build their home, not just a home. What they end up with is the home they’ve always wanted.”

“Every house we do is customized for the home-owner, even if it’s a base plan,” added Kim Strope. “We sit down and discuss their likes and dislikes and make whatever modifications that suit their needs.”

Savant Homes has done this for more than 600 houses.

Over the past 16 years in the design/build industry the Stropes have cultivated business relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, which allows them to provide the best service possible within their clients’ budgets. Savant Homes has an in-house team that does everything from design and rendering to choosing materials and finishes. It supervises the hand-picked construction team.

What has kept Savant Homes striding through tough economic times is its ability to be diverse and nimble. When new housing starts decreased, the focus shifted to remodels and additions. The company stretched beyond its Front Range boundaries to work with clients in mountain towns and in Wyoming.

This approach weathered the recession well. While other design/build companies went out of business, Savant Homes stayed put and rallied with the economic upswing. Revenue has nearly tripled since 2011, growing from slightly more than $2 million to more than $6.5 million last year. The staff has nearly doubled in that time frame, reaching a high of 11 in 2013.

The Great Recession has changed what clients are looking for in their homes, said Alan Strope. Smaller homes with more features and details and less square footage are gaining in popularity.

“We’re not getting as many requests to build those big-box houses,” he said. “Clients are wanting cozier, more intimate homes. So that’s the direction we’re going.”

And the dreams keep coming true.