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Thought Leaders: Spring Cleaning Maintenance

After the winter season, spring is not only a great time for cleaning, but also for maintenance projects around your facility. If you don’t have a dedicated maintenance team our team can help on an hourly or project or contract basis, whichever works best for you.

Spring maintenance items may include leveling off sidewalks that have heaved or moved during the winter. These trip hazards can be a safety issue and liability issue for your business.

Birds are back! We can repair damage caused by flickers (woodpeckers) that just seem to love stucco buildings. We’ll fix it in such a way that they won’t be able to reuse that spot again. Over time this deters them from returning. You may also find birds have decided some areas of your building are a great nesting or roosting area. Watch out below! After nesting season, we can help with mitigation strategies that will keep the birds from roosting in those areas.

It’s staying lighter longer, but are your exterior entrance lights working? What about the common area lights inside the building? We can replace them and even assist in upgrading your system to more energy friendly LED lamps. We’re experts in this and will calculate and manage the rebate process as well.

Most commercial buildings still need their lights on in the daytime. We can help with replacing lamps that are burnt out, ballast repair and even a comprehensive relamping program so you’re never in the dark.

You may find after the winter freeze that door thresholds have moved and now you can’t get that rarely used door open. Door openers wear out and we can repair or replace those.

Spring is also a great time for painting projects, and we can help freshen up the appearance inside or out.

If you need some handyman maintenance service, we can help! Give us a call today or hit us up on our website and we’ll get our technician scheduled or provide a quote for your larger projects.


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